What a Difference One Year Makes

Today marks my one year anniversary of starting my own roots here in Colorful Colorado. As an anniversary gift to myself, I bought a new pair of running shorts (yes, they look like the Colorado state flag–they are SICK!) & I’ve spent some serious time thinking about what this year has meant to me. 

I have long lived by the saying “What a difference one year makes” & I fully believe in the powers held within one year… three years ago, I was married. Two years ago, I was divorced. One year ago, I gave myself permission to live. And today, I am living. Letting go is not the same thing as giving up. Know the difference between the two, so you can give yourself the freedom to live & be alive. 

This was a year of poor decisions & mistakes made, but lessons learned. Three-hundred and sixty-five days alive, but only one “14er” conquered. Countless beautiful friendships. Cashing in my spare-change-dollar-bill jars just to make rent. Self-discovery & insight on an entirely new level. One new kitty, just one… for now. And one new tattoo, just one… for now. This was finally the year where I loved myself first — the year that I got comfortable going to movies, dinners, & concerts on my own. The year that I found happiness in no one else except for myself. 

Don’t wait for happiness to show up one day, because it won’t. Happiness is a choice. Choose to pursue it & make this year your year of happy. What a difference one year makes.

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