When the End is the Beginning

When I tell people that Ben & I broke up, they immediately give me the sympathy stare, pat my back, & ask how I’m doing. The sentiment is kind & genuine, but it also makes me laugh a little on the inside. I certainly had my few days of self-loathing & ice-cream binging (duh), but breakups aren’t so bad. The end of one relationship just means the beginning of another: a real relationship with yourself.

**SPOILER ALERT** You’ll turn out as amazing as ever! 

Let’s learn to love ourselves first & remove the negative connotations associated with being single. Let’s learn to love ourselves in such a way that we would rather be alone with ourselves than settle for someone else. 

I’ve been in my fair share of terrible relationships, which has only taught me my value & worth over the years. Friends, anything less than what you deserve is not worthy of your heart’s energy. If someone doesn’t want to be with you, then set them free & don’t look back. Bye, Felicia! Why be with someone who doesn’t legitimately want you? We are human & we all have different wants & needs. If someone doesn’t want to be with you, that doesn’t mean you’re unloveable. That definitely doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. It simply means that someone better is out there & he is preparing his heart for you. Guess what you have to do to meet this wonderful human? Be yourself & live your life. That’s it. Let’s stop overcomplicating relationships with things like Tinder & Bumble apps–just live your life one day at a time & surprise yourself with what you find. 

I desire to be with a man who knows how lucky he is to be with me. I want a man who knows that he wants to be with me. I want a man who will be in complete awe of me, even though I know I’m not perfect. I want a man who will cherish my heart for all of the mess & the beauty that is held within it. I want a man who will shout from the rooftops & tell every stranger he passes on the street that he is Megan’s man. I’m not going to sit on my butt waiting for him, crying into a heart-shaped box of chocolates. I’m going to travel, get tattoos, read some books, then go see the movie versions of those books, make new friends while celebrating the ones I already have, publish photographs, sell some houses, & pay off school. I’m not holding myself back for anyone, ever. And THAT is why breakups shouldn’t be so sad & messy. Breakups are an opportunity, not the end of the world. So shake it off, cry if you must, & love yourself!

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