The Power of the Wild

The wilderness is a magical place to me, the equivalent of Disneyworld to anyone else. Life feels more simple, complete. Ideas & dreams are no longer foolish aspirations, but are tangible tasks within reach. The robust mountain air carries through me, easing my body & bringing my mind to complete peace. I could stand for days, in the exact same spot, and feel that only a single moment has passed. 

Take care of her. Nurture her. Respect her. Treat her better than you would a friend, for she is your family. She yields more strength & beauty than I am able to comprehend. Words fail to describe her majesty, oftentimes leaving me speechless in her wake. Photographs offer only a mere glimpse of her, rarely giving her the justice she rightly deserves. She could kill you in instant, or have mercy on your soul, permitting you to live & tell the tale.

She calls to me with the rhythm of the trees & the rush of her waters. She beckons with every sunrise & sunset, teasing me with the summits of her mountains. This is the power of the wild. She is a firm force to be reckoned with, but do not forget that she is also a gentle & nurturing beast.

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