This One is for You

I have seen a lot of women beat themselves up lately based on one sole factor: their relationship status, Ladies, listen up: You are worth no less than the girlfriends, wives, & moms. Just because you’re going through your journey on your own does not disentitle you from happiness. Stop thinking that way. In every ending there is also a beginning & I pray that you have an open mind to renew your heart. All of you single ladies out there, this is your new beginning.

One week ago, I wrote a note of Gratitude to the people who have encouraged & supported me throughout my journey. I see it only fitting to now write a note of gratitude to the people who have been less encouraging & supportive, a note to the men who couldn’t love me. Without their weakness, I may have never found my strength. Thanks to them,  I have only learned to love myself in a way they never could. So gentlemen, this one is for all of you:

To the man who opened my heart, without any intention of ever loving it,

Who loved me, but didn’t know how to, 

Who treated me like I was just an option,

Who wanted someone thinner,

Who loved my body & ignored my mind,

Who spoke fluently in the language of lies,

Who sat in silence & watched me cry,

Who saw me for nothing more than just a good time, 

Who couldn’t understand me and wouldn’t take the time to, 

Who were blind to my potential,

Who saw my potential, but were intimidated by it,

Who used his wealth to buy my affection,

Who only saw my failures & flaws,

Who fed me criticism & starved my confidence,

Who treated my dreams as frivolous impossibilities,

Who criticized every move taken & every word spoken,

Who thought I wasn’t special enough,

And to the man who let me go,

Thank you for setting me free.

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