An Open Letter to Self

Dear Self,

Your dreams are wider than the ocean. Your heart is wild, like a balloon on the loose in the weightless breeze of the summer. You cannot bear the thought of being content, because you constantly crave something more & more is never enough. You keep your eyes open, curious yet steadily prepared to embrace whatever is coming around the next bend. But, dear one, this makes it difficult for you to live in the present. You file through old photographs just to remember how you felt in specific moments, even long after the memory itself passes. 

You are a runner–you just run. When life gets hard, you look for the quickest route to get the furthest away. And so you run, hoping on your heels & in every stride that you never turn back around. You leave puddles of tears in your tracks, patiently waiting for the sun to eliminate any evidence that there were ever any tears at all. You haven’t forgotten where you came from, you just know that you can’t go back there. 

You have opened & offered your heart to people who just return its contents to you, & something within you has changed each time. Something about the air has been altered. So here you are, dreaming again, of where to go next. Maps, tangled hills, & backroad trails are your guides to happiness. I encourage you to get lost, but don’t get lost beneath the depth of your fleeting feelings. Get lost living your life in such a way that you have no regrets. Get lost finding yourself in the magnetism of the mountains & in the beautiful, unhindered possibilities of life. 

You have a brilliant mind & a gyspy heart. Someone hasn’t loved all of you yet, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t worthy of being unconditionally loved. Continue to live your life & fulfill your desires. Don’t put your dreams on hold, ever, for any reason or for anyone. Wild hearts weren’t meant to be tamed. Continue falling in love with yourself by exploring the world around you. Never stop. 

Be gentle with yourself, forgive yourself. Don’t criticize your weaknesses & don’t relish in pride about your strengths. Choose happiness in every circumstance. Life is void of magic formulas & guarantees, but you have found what makes you complete. Every past decision made, no matter how large or how minute, has firmly placed you on your current journey. You are exactly where you need to be at exactly the right moment in time. Have patience, dear one. Seek adventure, sweet soul. Savor each & every present moment. The rest will fall neatly in place. 

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