My Next Big Adventure

“She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city.” 

Roman Payne, “The Wanderess”

I said goodbye to Spike last Saturday, my beloved Dodge Charger who carried me through multiple seasons of my life & into the mountains of Colorado. I definitely teared up after shaking hands with Jim, when the reality set in that Spike would no longer be my baby. He is going to be given the spa treatment & adopted to a new driver, hopefully one who loves him as much as I did (and still do). He was a fantastic vehicle, but the time has arrived that I needed a car more suitable for my backyard… & for my next big adventure. 

I have some news to announce. This past March, I took a spontaneous road trip to Moab, Utah with Sam & John that changed my life. Something inside of me came alive in Moab that has consumed me ever since. I have grown confident in knowing who I am & what I want out of this life, but that confirmation wasn’t made clear until returning home after two days on the open road with those two incredible people. 

I am not placing my dreams in second, third, or fourth on my list of priorities anymore. My life’s aspirations shall remain in first place. I have decided to travel America, writing about what I see in our beautiful country, & sharing my photographs taken from sea to shining sea. I am selling everything in my storage unit, stripping myself of my belongings to embrace the gypsy soul that I have become. My mind races with the endless possibilities of adventure, of stories found within the beauty of nature, of the opportunities for self-growth, & of the hard work necessary to achieve a dream that I never imagined to be possible. I will be visiting each state, getting a tattoo in every state, collecting a bottle of whiskey distilled in each state, & seeing all 59 national parks. And I will get published. 

Selling Spike was the necessary & vital step in committing to hit the road full-time in August 2017. Signing the official papers & saying goodbye to him was an emotional experience, but it was the catalyst in making my dreams come to life. I am now the proud owner of Chuck, a 2004 Toyota 4Runner SR5, who has already far exceeded my expectations. He has had a wonderful life so far, & I am blessed to begin my newest adventure with him. 

The wild has a grip on my soul that won’t ever let go, & I have a grasp on the wild that I will never let go. Since returning from Moab, Utah, I have been telling people that I can no longer ignore the impact & significance of the wild. I mean every word of that statement with utmost sincerity, because the wild calls to me in each whispering pine, smoky peak, & rhythmic flow of water. My heart, soul, & mind are drawn to nature & I dare not look away, even for an instant. I refuse to sit back while life passes by me at a seemingly increasing speed. I want to live while I’m alive, & what better time to start than now. 

As I plan my route, I am asking for input & advice as to local tattoo artists & local whiskey distilleries that you or someone you know has had personal experience with. The adventure will be blogged about excessively, so I want to highlight good, local people to put a spotlight on their brand while sharing my experience working with them. If you have a few ideas or people in mind, definitely fill out the inquiry form below. Thank you for being a part of my adventure. Cheers! 

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