Welcome to my little corner of the inter webs, I’m so thrilled you’re here!

What began as a personal account of my trails and travels has evolved into an online platform for sharing about my personal life and becoming a mom. I originally wanted a place to keep my photographs and stories alive, like a digital scrapbook of sorts, and then strangers started following my work and sending me messages with questions about certain trails or flight routes, or telling me ways that they were encouraged and inspired by my words and photos. I feel so genuinely connected to the work I am doing and the people who make it possible, so thank you for being here with me.

I currently reside in the greatest place in America for outdoor enthusiasts, Kalispell, Montana, with my husband and son. I am a full-time mother, part-time-seasonal airline employee, freelancer extraordinaire, and every last second of daylight in between is poured into this creative endeavor.

I find immense value in sharing my experiences with others through written works and photography, which makes me grateful that you are reading this now. You found me through internet magic and I could not be more stoked that you are here. My sincere hope is that you find inspiration, encouragement, and a dash of happiness after visiting with me here, on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Thanks again for joining me. Happy trails and travels!